Monday, 21 December 2009

a dedication to Brittany Murphy

I finally got my last christmas presents which is a major relief as it started snowing really badly just as I got off the train to go home. It really doesn't feel like a monday more like a saturday then anything. It seems like I haven't blogged in ages but I know that isn't true but I got into a routine; school, check email, blogger, ebay, facebook and then twitter. It looks really sad as I type it now but that's just what I got used to. Although I'm not into a routine yet I might aswell start one I'm going to look on ebay. Oh and by the way I got some really nice tights yesterday which I will photograph and then put it on here.

I can't believe that Brittany Murphy has passed away I mean she was only 32 so this post is dedicated to her for bringing us films like clueless and uptown girls the typical pick me up film. RIP.


  1. im in shock also!
    i watched 'happy feet' yesterday.
    and like, an hour after it was over, my brother saw on the internet she died of cardiac arrest.
    i really only know her from 'uptown girls', although..i dont recall ever seeing the movie...haha


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