Friday, 11 December 2009

quick update.

Another week been and gone. It seems that every week is going quicker then the other it is kinda freaking me out. Cervical cancer jab; don't even talk to me about that because I can still feel it and it really hurts. Work experience is sorted and I only have chemistry and art homework so everything is in its place. No I'm afraid that isn't the case. I have to revise for a history test on monday (incase you didn't know that is the last week of the term) and no I'm not joking. Christmas decorations will be up at the weekend so I can then say that I am ready for christmas. Hopefully I'll get some more clothes this weekend so I can do more outfit posts :)


  1. ok you said not to talk to you about it. but when you said 'it really hurts'...what the heck is a cervical caner jab?!
    you're kind of scaring me here...:/

  2. you know the HPV injection? it's the most common reason for cervical cancer and I got the first one today, I have another one in january and june.

  3. oh! haha, a shot! i see. yes, i've heard of those. yupyup. lots of commercials on tv.
    oops, i didn't mean 'caner'. didn't proof read(:


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