Thursday, 18 August 2011

"I stopped believing in God when I realised it was Dog backwards"

Watched the Inbetweeners Movie yesterday and I would definitley recommend it to everyone, it is so funny and anyone that watched the Inbetweeners series will love the film!

Anyway it isn't too long until V festival and I can't wait my outfit is sorted, the only problem being that I spent basically the same amount on my outfit then I did on my ticket! Once I get home I'll upload pictures for you all.

Oh and I'm ATTEMPTING to try and eat a bit more healthily but it's turning out that I need a lot more will power and there are so many temptations, however I have become obsessed with muller corner greek yogurts they are heaven! but if anybody wants to help me please feel free to comment some strong advice to keep me going!
I also want to quickly wish everyone luck with their A level results today and next thursday for GCSE results.

This is only a quick post as I'm off out pretty soon, have a good day followers!


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