Saturday, 5 November 2011

Better to be hurt with the truth than comforted with a lie

As promised here are the babies I bought at the Paul Smith sample sale:

I know that I may get some negative feedback on this shirt but it's absolutely amazing on!

there is more but it was stuff that I bought for my family so I won't bore you with that.

and I know that a lot of you are going to think that this is a tad dramatic but trust me when it comes to Vogue, it's my bible. So to find them drenched because of my radiator leaking was terrible! Luckily I used my hair-dryer to dry out the pages but otherwise there would of been trouble!

I'm also looking for my new years outfit now (I know it's a tad early but I can never find things when I'm actually looking for something!) anyway I have some ideas and I'm going shopping today to get the heels I want.

Also I see that a lot of you are commenting on my posts and I'm really happy to see that and I hope that you will continue in doing this, so it's given me an idea.

I am going to do a post on recommended blogs to follow so that all of you will have the chance to get more followers simply by commenting on this post ENTER ME and your blog URL. To enter this you must be following me (and I will check) either through bloglovin' or just the follow button on my sidebar.

GOOD LUCK I will be doing the post probably on sunday/monday so get commenting!

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  1. Gorgeous pieces!
    Enter me please
    Claudia xxx


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