Sunday, 30 August 2009

Studded Biker Jackets

After recently reading a copy of ELLE magazine I saw there had been a lot about leather jackets, and so I thought that I would save you £3.60 and tell you myself about this issue of ELLE. No matter what age or shape or size you are everyone buys a leather jacket sooner or later and now is the best time to buy one if you don't have one or if you do buy another one because bikers are back. The jackets are now not only be used to "throw a leather jacket over your dress" well said Sophia Kokosalaki but now are being used as workwear aswell. There is an update to these biker jackets though, the side zips which are now being built up in nearly every shop now. If most of you are looking out for trends you'll also know that there has been a recent increases in studded pieces now in topshop and many other high street stores but its not just the high street stores now its Whistles (with a longer version), Malene Birger and many more designers and so as you would guess we would have to combine these trends by making... you guessed it a studded biker jacket which should be selling out in H&M stores near you soon. And now there is a new black for this biker trend and it comes in two words. Metallic. Silver. The metallics have always caught my eye and other peoples too, you can always mix and match as well a studded biker jacket with ripped jeans and metallic shoes/boots. Or a metallic biker jacket with the famous ripped jeans and studded shoes from topshop or studded heels from new look. Look out for these trends that should be occuring this month and into the next month.

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