Saturday, 17 October 2009

Saturday :)

Hey fellow bloggers and blogees ;) so glad it's saturday it has been a LOONNGGG week. Off to try and get some more clothes today, hopefully. Not sure what to look for though. I neeeeeeddd to get something that will last winter because I think I have too much summery stuff and not enough wintery stuff. Maybe some new shoes? a pair of brogues? well we will have to see. If you have any ideas then just comment on this post. Every idea helps :) Well moving on from that I was reading Vogue yesterday and this month's issue (well, Novembers issue) and it's all about like saving money on clothes and stuff I mean they called it "More Dash Then Cash" issue and when I looked at one of the shoots this model had a £5,300 chain necklace :O yess it's true but apart from some things like that it is a really good issue. Well, I've got to try and sort out this re-decorating business so more blogs in a bit.
Adios x

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