Saturday, 24 October 2009

Lazy Weekend

FINALLYYYYY it's the HALF TERM and the weekend yayyy! I finally had a lay-in this morning, relaxation is a beautiful thing, anyway I didn't sit in ALL day i'm not that lazy :P I was planning to go get some more clothes and I had to get a few dvds. I ended up going to good old blockbuster and got the holiday and dirty dancing CLASSIC. So I finally have a fancy dress idea well I have 3 but I know what one I want to wear but the problem is the party I was supposed to go to might not be on :(. What's everyone been doing today? Need some more clothes any ideas ? sorry about the bad blogs at the moment guys but better ones will be coming soon don't worry :) oh and don't forget to tell people about my blog as you can see I don't have many followers so please follow away :)
cheerio bloggers xoxo

thought this was cute :)

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