Monday, 19 October 2009

mad, no mental, no INSANE

Ok, so I know I've probably said about eBay and if I haven't I'm sorry I'm actually in love with it. I've already found about fifty things that I like including a skirt for £14.99 with a bow on, obviously, and it looks basically like one from topshop that I liked. It's MENTAL. If you haven't been on it before then I would definatley recommend it I mean look at the stuff that I found on there:

A Paul's Boutique Bag for £89 buy it now price but you can also put in an offer.

These Gloves are £4.99

There are loads more but if I put them on you will probably get bored of going through all of the different things so check out eBay guys you might find something ;)

adios amigos x

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