Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Nude Nail Varnishes And Big Thank-You's

Hello my beautiful followers :) Oh and a MASSIVE thankyou to Miley "all things pink" for your post asking people to follow my blog I owe you big time :) It was recently shown in VOGUE magazine AKA "my bible" that Brunettes are the new Blondes so throw away your bleach now. Oh and nail varnish is going nude. The recent black nail varnish has been and gone, nude colours are the soon to be colours. Ofcourse I have to look on my favourite website eBay and found these nail varnishes:

bidding price: £0.96

buy it now price: £0.99

buy it now: £4.73

bidding price: £0.96

As you can see they all aren't very expensive, so everyone go onto eBay and type into the search box: "nude nail varnish" and voila! you have the nail varnishes that are the future nail varnishes :)
Well I have to go now adios :) x

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  1. haha, no problem! just trying to help a fellow blogger out(:


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