Saturday, 31 October 2009


Hey just a quick post, can you check out (Liberty) she's a newbie to the whole blog thing so can you please follow her :) Oh and I kinda changed well basically everything about my whole halloween idea, I was planning a kinda dead doll theme but I just looked, well, not that dead. Instead of the red tartan tights, I had purple ones because nothing would go with the red ones, the zip tee was longer then the skirt so I wore a purple tee and a baby pink vest peeping through the tee, the only thing that I didn't change was the skirt, and instead of heavy eyeliner I used the eyeliner but smudged it so it went grey instead which looked very misty and by the time I took my picture of the outfit my red lipstick (which I did wear aswell so that was two things that I kept) wore off so you can't see it that well. Ok, well here's the outfit:

the purple tights :)

sorry guys it's a bit blurry.

Well I hope that you all had a good halloween and if you didn't then better luck next year :)


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