Sunday, 18 October 2009

Save The Date! and another update

Get your calendar, clear your diary and get ready for Jimmy Choo's range for H&M. The long awaited range will be in store on Saturday 14th November although the official launch night is Friday 13th November but sorry to say that the tickets have been and gone for this event I tried and failed :( Oh and now for the update for, well this hour as you could probably have seen around, well england there has been an increase in biege macs, so the recommended things to buy for this winter will be as follows:
heavy duty boots (that will last you the snowiest of days or the rainiest) and look good aswell
high knee socks (warm and in any and/or every colour)
and last but not least a mac in preferably biege but if not go for a colour that not everyone will be seen in (a friend of mine has a wicked red mac)

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