Saturday, 14 November 2009

More eBay Madness And My eBay

Well, the playsuit I was dying to get from ebay has now been sold, but not to me :( *sigh* why is it that I can never win a bid on ebay? oh well, life goes on I suppose. Well there's been an increase in oversized grandad cardigans, they sound disgusting I know but I have found some good ones, on guess where? ebay. I'm looking on it now actually, ebay that is. Oh and guys new songs? can't seem to find many? any requests? I have FINALLY put up a bag on ebay that I wanted to sell so if you want to see that please do: it might not work yet because I've only JUST put it on but if it does work take a look at it please, there will be more coming soon :) Well I'm off to try and find the things I was supposed to put on ebay AGESSSS ago see you later bloggers, have a good weekend :) x

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