Thursday, 14 January 2010

there are two kinds of seasons.

Seasons come and go but there are always things to look forward to, taking out your summer/winter clothes again, half terms and holidays but we also look forward to the other kind of seasons. You know season one of glee? season two of 90210? season four of skins? well here are some pictures of the cast from 90210 but more importantley take notice of there gorgeous clothes that I am in need of.

I have seen something similair to this dress but in black.
I still haven't bought Vogue yet which is a shocker for me so no news from Vogue yet.
Aren't you all glad it's thursday? only one day to go until the weekend?
I haven't seen any of your lovely comments for a while so go ahead and comment :)


  1. actually, we dont have school tomorrow! or monday(:
    so yay, 4 day weekend(:


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