Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I Need A Friend, But I Can't Yell.

Sorry guys have been M.I.A. recently but here's a new polyvore:

So have a few new things now hanging in my wardrobe a beautiful denim biker jacket that I have wanted forever and this new top which is kind of hard to explain so I might just do a post on that later on. That's not the only thing new in my room I've collaged over the rails now meaning on the wall above the rails not actually on the rails (the rails are bright blue at the moment because we haven't got my proper rails ordered yet). Over the holidays I've just been going to London and shopping centres so nothing really over exciting I'm afraid. Oh and I found my polaroid I was so happy that I found it I thought that was forever lost so I need to go get some new cartridges for it but I'm so so happy that I found it (:

I DESPERATELY want to see Remember Me and Dear John even if they're the last films I ever watch.

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