Saturday, 3 April 2010

A memory never forgotten.

Yesterday I went with Henrie and Eve to go to Brick Lane for the American Apparel Rummage Sale and we turned up and the line was massive but still we queued got our price list and was very impressed and then the police decide to shut it down. We were quite close as well. There were over 2,000 people there and it's been said that 30 people actually got in. Someone had a panic attack, people were arrested, a guy jumped on a car it was a rather interesting time. So we got the tube to Oxford Circus and got some stuff there. Overall it was a memory that I don't think I would ever forget.

there are loads of videos on you tube if any of you are actually interested in what I say.

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  1. ahh 'mosh guys mosh'
    the police really did not enjoy us sensibly standing on a pavement ;)


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