Sunday, 6 June 2010

I Know A Place Where The Grass Is Really Greener.

Haven't blogged in TWO MONTHS so I thought now was the best time to start :)

Over the half term quite a few things have happened but it's up to you if you actually thinks it's interesting or not.

I went to a sample/warehouse sale and got some absolutely gorgeous sort of high-waisted deep blue jeans and a matching skirt and also some black sandals which were also really cute.

sorry I couldn't get a better picture but this picture DEFINITELY doesn't give any credit to these jeans. They're soooo comfy it is unreal.

here are the sandals that look really cute on.

I also went to see street dance which was a complete waste of £8!!!! and I went to get my friend's birthday present and the next day went to her house and slept in a tent in her garden and I also did some sun bathing too so hopefully I have a little bit of a tan ahaaa :L

Unfortunately I have had lots of revision to do for exams science, maths and history to be precise :/ so that has taken up parts of my holiday.

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