Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tattoo sleeve, pair of Levi’s jeans

So my eyeliner is literally a stump at the moment (it's blunt and isn't even a centre metre long) so I decided to look for a pen type eyeliner but not like the normal liquid eyeliner as I am absolutely rubbish at applying it. I found a Barry M wink marker pen and everyone that reviewed it said that it was easy to apply and looks really nice. It was a reasonable price (£4.59 in Boots) and I tested out and it was exactly as described in the reviews.

I would definitely recommend this! What are your make up musts?


  1. Wow it looks so good, never seen an eyeliner PEN! Definitely investing in this, haha thankyou xo

  2. Ooo I may have to give it a try as I am constantly using black liquid eyeliner!
    Claudia xxx


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