Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I Was Here First

I AM FINALLY FREE FROM EXAMS! For anyone that is doing their A-Levels as well you will know the relief I am feeling right now, it also gives me more time to upload my recent-ish buys:

In terms of beauty I've decided to change my skin routine and purchased the Liz Earle travel kit as well as some samples from Clarins

For holiday I went for some bolder nail varnishes from Urban Outfitters in "Pom Pom" and "Blueberry"

Topshop/Forever 21 underwear 

As some of you may or may not know I have a teeny obsession with Vanessa Hudgens and more specifically her Coachella outfits. These crocheted shorts were therefore a reflection of that style.

Due to me getting back into running/losing weight/toning up I bought some more bikinis and running gear in order to motivate me for the perfect summer body.

This was basically all of my paycheck for the month so hopefully you think it's as worth it as I do.

For those who are still doing exams GOOD LUCK xoxoxoxxo

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