Saturday, 21 November 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

Off to buy your oversized grandad jumper? If your not you better be soon, spotted some more again this week SO BUY THEM BEFORE THEY GO :) I've been thinking about my christmas list this year and the only thing that I really, really want is this bag:

This beautiful Vivienne Westwood bag is what I have been DYING to get for ages now so I have put it onto my christmas list and hopefully I might get it off santa ;)
What do you guys want for christmas this year? Are you a blackberry or an iphone kind of person? or more of a buy your own voucher stuff? Well I'm off for work experience hunting seeing as it seems that no one is doing work experience for our age this year :( I got a no from Cosmopolitan and Vogue but there's still hope with Tatler and Bazaar and a couple of others too :) Have a good weekend guys :)

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