Friday, 27 November 2009

Weekend :)

It's The Weekend WOOOOO happy much? :) no school, a lot of homework but I'll do that tonight get it over and done with and I'm going to take Frankie's advice and relax at the weekend. I finally have new school shoes my other ones were history I got a nice pair of brogues instead :) We had a letter today about the cervical cancer jab we have the first one in about 2 weeks I have to admit I'm kinda freaked about it but if it means that I wont get cervical cancer then I'll have it. Just saw the ugly betty advert again Henry's Back :O I NEED to see it ahhhhhhhhh anyone else see it? If you did how wicked was amanda's outfit when she puts her sunglasses on with Mark and Betty. Well toodles guys I'm off to do a LOT of homework :)


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