Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Packed And Sealed

My bag is packed and sealed off to the winning buyer :) and a day off yesterday woooo :D well I had to go into school for ten minutes but ended up staying for 30 minutes because she kept my friend in for an extra couple of minutes. I have drama tonight so I'll probably be nagged to quickly go and eat dinner and then be out the door by 5:30 which will turn into 5:45, oh well life lifes I spose :). Oh and you will never guess what I have to dress up as on saturday? A CHRISTMAS TREE haaa :P but it's only for 30 minutes and all my friends have to take in turns to wear it so I think it will just be a laugh. Anyone else dressing up as a christmas tree? santa? little elf? Well I'm off guys before I get nagged about staying on here too long, oh how would I live without the internet?

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