Friday, 4 December 2009

back to the weekend

Another Friday, another weekend ahead. It seems that this week has been and gone quicker then usual but I'm not sure why. Just been out with Liberty, Mollie and Liberty's sister Melody and we just went out and I got a really nice chocolate brownie yum. I wore my dads old Gautier shirt with my black netted skirt, grey pixie boots, biker jacket and a nice warm scarf.

And I have an even better weekend ahead, JINGLE BELL BALL AHHHH I have been waiting for ages for this and it's finally here :) I'm going with my friend Ruby so it should be really fun. Not sure what I'm wearing for that but I think jeggings, tee and biker jacket? Well we'll see tommorow. Only two weeks left of school and 2 weeks and 6 days until christmas ah :)

Coming Soon - Next week I have a maths exam and on friday I have the cervical cancer jab, I'll tell you about it next week then.

Here are another buy that I really want:


  1. God,those shoes are reaaaaaly lovely.
    Have a great weekend >:D< !

  2. I know I love them :D
    thanks you too :) x

  3. yay! i'm so excited for winter break. two more weeks. :)


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