Sunday, 6 December 2009

waking up from it all

WOW Jingle Bell Ball was so good :) Jedward came on which was a bit of a suprise but you know, that's what christmas is about, presents and suprises. I'm really happy because JLS were really good and I'm seeing them in February and I'm 6th row!!!! I also found out that Madness are on at the O2 and I REALLY want to see them :) Oh and I saw Rich and Kat from capital interviewing these girls when we were getting ready to go in.

Anyway, so I've been seeing a lot of nude colours currently in the magazines. Oh and for people that love the whole nail varnish thing, you know really go for it, I'm one of them :) then the "chinchilla" colour is a real hint to next season so google it and see where you can buy it.

I'm afraid that Vogue doesn't come out until next week so more blogs again then. Actually saying that I don't think I could stand it, I'll blog again soon.

Lady Gaga at Jingle Bell Ball - picture from
When I've uploaded my photos I'll put them on a post but they're a bit blurry.

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