Saturday, 12 December 2009

borough market

Back again for more blogging, I seem to not be able to go without it. It's like an addiction I suppose. Don't you miss those days when you only thought about what toy to get next from woolworths or toy r us? I do miss those days you know. It seems that lately time has been growing quicker and quicker and it is kind of scaring me how fast it's going. I know this is a weird topic to talk about it's something I have began to realise. Is it the same for any of you guys? On a brighter note I have just got back from a very productive day in Borough Market. I got some gorgeous chips and had a walk around the market, I have to say the reindeer burgers "with trimmings" made me feel quite sick though blurgh. I got a beautiful snowman and a brownie that I had to eat in two different times because it was a bit sickly and for me to say that is saying something. I also got a lovely bag which I will post soon here are a few pictures so far:

Oh and I got my christmas tree today too :) I'm decorating it tonight. Well I'm off now I've just got a text from Liberty to go to Starbucks, no one can turn down a frappacino see you later :)


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