Sunday, 13 December 2009

saturday nights and sunday mornings

I'm going to be out pretty much all day today so I thought a quick post may be necessary. The christmas tree is up and dressed AND there are already presents underneath so I now feel that it has settled into our new home. I tried a bit of charity shopping last night but that didn't really go to plan as all we found (me and liberty was elderly clothing that couldn't even be called vintage as it was so hideous and to be honest it smelt pretty much disgusting in there. Oh and I feel like a thank you is in order for the amount of comments I've been getting lately so thank you :) and keep commenting and following my blog. I'm sure that if I have time tonight when I get back I'll tell you everything about today. Oh and guys make sure that you have a look at Liberty's blog the URL is above, she's kind of new to blogger so it would be great if some of you could follow her and if you aren't following me, then follow me too :)

Here are some lovely pictures that I found because I'm making a website for a boutique in ICT (it's obviously not real so don't try and look for it) I'm really into the whole Alice In Wonderland theme at the moment, so enjoy:

these are not my pictures.



  1. Hey babe:)
    thanks for putting my url up there x
    im going to put those pictures we took yesterday on blogger so have a look when you've got time x

  2. hey babe :)
    thats ok
    yeah I will I'm not leaving yet so I'll have a look :) x


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