Wednesday, 16 December 2009

one small change.

More evaluations, I have half finished my art and has now been given a textiles evaluation. Oh and one small little thing IT'S SNOWING it always makes me smile when I see snow. I only have one and a half days left until the christmas break and 1 week 1 day/8 days until christmas, sorry for all of those who hate the countdowns but I'm afraid that is something that always makes me happy to know how close christmas is. On tv at the moment gossip girl is on tonight and I watched this sneak peak of a programme called Glee last night it looks so funny, did anyone else watch it? If you didn't it airs in the new year. Here are a couple of christmas cards I have got in the last couple of weeks:

These aren't all of them but there are too many to put on here.


  1. i LOVE glee! i can't wait for it to come back on!

  2. I watched the pilot episode and looks so good :)


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