Saturday, 19 December 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It's been snowing recently but the most that we had was yesterday. We were told that school was still on but out came the wellies and the ski socks. We all got given our secret santa presents and I got Vivienne Westwood perfume by my lovely friend Liberty. I was so happy and I've run out of perfume too :). We only had one lesson yesterday and we didn't even get to see our last ever christmas assembely which was basically the only reason for us going into school. After school we went to the park and made the most of the snow. Although I did get very cold and repeatedly went back into my friends house and ofcourse being a target from a snowball fight wasn't the best of things to happen.

Today is a new day and there isn't any new layering of snow so I think I will just be going shopping and maybe get a few things and with the constant build up of presents under my christmas tree it feels more and more like christmas. I know that I will probably be blogging again soon but if I don't I hope all of you have a happy christmas and get everything you want :)

This isn't my picture by the way I just thought that it would suit the post.


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  1. :)) winter is great,and the photo is so cute !


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