Sunday, 3 January 2010

back to school.

Back to school again tommorow but for today I'm looking back on this christmas holidays and although it's gone really fast it has also been a great holiday. 
As I was flicking through some catalogues that came through yesterday I saw some apple macbooks and because my laptops is running on its last limbs I thought that a macbook could be my next laptop and that could be my main present for my birthday this year. I knew they were expensive but little did I think that it was going to be £816 :O well that's one thing to put on my dream list along with marrying Ed Westwick and Robert Pattinson.

I'm sorry that I haven't got anything more interesting to talk about but it seems that I have writers block or whatever you call it for blogging. Bloggers block. That's the closest definition I can think of. Goodbye my little monsters :) nope it doesn't sound right. I think only Lady Gaga can get away with these sort of things.


  1. i really really really want a mac!
    but i probably wouldn't get one until college, if even at that!

  2. Ed Westwick and Robert Pattinson mmmm ♥ haha xx

  3. same I just told my mum how much they were and she was like no way.

    ha vicky :)


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