Sunday, 28 March 2010

I'm lying on the ground

Mocks. Why do we do them? They're so annoying and just get you stressed. I've had a couple already but I have my English speaking, anthology and textiles exams yet to go. I am really in the mood to buy a bikini I think it's because I really want it to be summer and if I buy a bikini it might seem closer? I don't know. Thanks to everyone that have been commenting on my lookbook posts, it's really nice seeing all your comments so keep commenting :) I had a drama competition yesterday which went well seeing as I didn't forget any lines but I didn't  win but to be honest I wasn't expecting to the competition was really good this year in terms of the scenes that people did. This post was more of an update so sorry if it was boring for you to read but there you go my life is rather boring at times. 

Just to finish of this girl is actually amazingly beautiful you might have seen her in the Chloe advert and in Harry Potter she plays Fleur. 

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