Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Next thing we're touching.

FINALLY schools out and I have three blissful weeks of no school. I must say that I can't wait for the American Apparel Rummage Sale it is going to be so good I have my Easter money ready to spend. The last couple of days have been rather hilarious actually although it probably wont sound as funny when your reading it off a computer screen. I've been doing this book with basically loads of magazine cut-outs, I'm not the only one originally started of by Phoebe, Liberty, Emily, Mollie, Hadley, Alice and some other people now have these books obviously they're aren't all the same we've got more diary type ones, memories and any other category you want to put them in. I think that I will have time to post some of the pages up, although I've only had it for about a week or two so there isn't much to show I'm afraid.
I just wanted to end on Heidi from the Hills. She had ten surgeries in one day and she's only 23 and she's had more surgery since. I personally thought that she was pretty before she had all of her plastic surgery done and look at her now. Please comment and tell me what you guys think. Before or after?


  1. wow! three weeks off! lucky(:

    and yes, i definitely agree that she looked better before! but doesn't mostly everyone before they have plastic surgeries?

  2. Defo before, Hollywood has made her insecure and it's really really sad.

    I loved watching The Hills. Guilty Pleasures!

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