Monday, 9 April 2012

getting higher than the empire state

Whenever I get a little bit down I know that retail therapy is in order. I am always in constant need of tops so I got two today (one is the same as the grey top I got a week or two ago but just in another colour) and I also got a phone case/purse for when I go out and can't be bothered to carry a clutch about. 

As per usual the pictures aren't that great as they're from my webcam (should really invest in a decent camera)

In case you didn't know I am a teeny bit obsessed with books/films and I decided to watch Finding Netherland last night. I was a little biased as it stars Johnny Depp and he's my current crush but it was a good story, for those who don't know it's basically about J.M.Barrie and how he wrote Peter Pan, Freddie Highmore (Charlie from Charlie and the chocolate factory, the art of getting by) was absolutely amazing and convincing for an actor so young at the time. I would definitely appreciate some more film/book recommendations as I'm always looking for some new films to watch.


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  1. Fantastic blog and brilliant post!!! You're amazing!!! Your sense of style is fantastic too!!! Absolutely brilliant...


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