Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nothing really matters

So officially started sixth form today, I have the timetable and about a zillion books to prove it! Today I sported an Urban Outfitters peter pan collar top with a black bodycon and tights.

a very blurry picture I know!

Not really sure what I'm wearing tommorow and I know that every night I'm going to have that same "what should I wear?" panic but I suppose that's normal. Anyway I'm hoping to get my tassled loafers on saturday and that my beige duffle coat should be arriving soon as it is absolutley beautiful and it's getting cold - which is a good enough excuse (in my eyes anyway) to wear it.

During this month - GOSSIP GIRL IS BACK!, I'm dip dying my hair again and Only Way Is Essex is back, although I am still missing Made In Chelsea which is always makes me want to live in Chelsea and be like Millie Mackintosh!

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