Sunday, 20 April 2014

Now She ASAP

Literally the definition of a pig this weekend and it's made me feel disgusting, I know giving into cravings is normal but it's given me my mantra of - enduring temporary satisfaction or a lifetime of happiness (translation: do you want to eat that *insert relevant craved food* to enjoy for a short time or have a hardcore to die for bod that you can have all year round? Answer: give me the perfect bod any day!)

However in terms of fitness I've been really impressed with the blogilates which I'm now on the last week of completing to then move onto the April Abs calendar. I've also been completing the 5 day Daily Hiit beginners challenge which I would recommend for people that have busy days and find it hard to fit excercise into their day. It's a short circuit with high intensity that you undergo 3 times with 10 second intervals to break up the 50 second moves. You can sign up to both blogilates and the daily hiit through their websites.

Enjoy your Easter and don't make the same mistakes that I did!

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